Our company sells various products from 3Dstekla. The main advantages of these products is their 3Deffekt and an endless variety of patterns that we can apply to their products. From this we concluded that for the majority of customers is very important to obtain an exclusive drawing and 3Deffekta, which would ideally suited to the customer's interior.

Development of models

We have our own design department, which deals with the development of drawings for floor and wall tiles. Images can be either single or collections made in format and design sets a certain theme.

We develop not only the image but also for tiles for kitchen aprons, modular panels, whole paintings on glass, as well as promotional products and other media projects.

Glass Cutting

Since the room in which installed our products are completely different, we often encounter the problem of not joining standard size products with the size of the room. From such a situation it is very easy to order products vyti custom size. We cut you a set of glasses that will be ideally placed in your room and optimize image so that it looked beautiful it is in your size.


Many customers do not trust modern glue mixture and prefer to mount the glass panels, and the panels on skinali good old metal fasteners. We are ready for such an eventuality and provide drilling holes in products from customers.

Drilling holes for fasteners, is not the only type of drilling, which is so often necessary in our production. Another popular type of services - it is drilling holes for mounting sockets in the kitchen aprons Glass. We provide this service to all customers, so you can comfortably arrange your kitchen space.