What 3D tile laying?

3D tiles can be laid on the adhesive CeresitCM115 glass mosaic, made similarly laying ceramic tile.

An alternative option would be installation of 3D tiles on neutral silicone (neutral - without the acid), many may know this type of silicone as an aquarium.


Can I cut 3D tiles?

3D tile is not subject to pruning since made of tempered glass, which has a higher strength but it is not possible to cut.

As our company is a manufacturer of 3D tiles we can sell you complete with a standard tile custom tiles on your size, so you did not need or crop.

If trimming is still needed, we can ship a percentage of your order in the form of not hardened tiles that can be cut.


Can I order the tiles with his picture?

Since we do we put an image on a 3D tile, you can work with our designers, who will pick up the image suitable for you, or send your image and we will convert it into a 3D format tiles.


You have all the available items?

In our store a lot of goods, and most of them are available in stock, but the specifics of our products is that clients often want something exclusive or ready to buy the product, but would like to see it in a certain color is not listed on the site. In such case, we always have a supply of raw materials for production, and due to the large production capacity, we can very quickly make any standard and not the standard position.


What good tiles made of glass?

Our tiles of different types of glass ceramic stronger, has a nice glossy sheen defined texture on the surface and most importantly can be of any pattern and color.

It often happens that you choose ceramic tile, but with all its diversity can not find the right for you, and we, in turn, can create it for you and tile it will be what you presented it in your imagination.